Hans is prejudiced; he’s a LITTLE guy.

If you want to see the original of these characters, the completely updated version is in An Insupportable Light.

Note the nice, cheap download version — it’s a pdf file, search able and readable on your Nook or laptop or IPad.  You don’t even need a reading device.

If you’ve heard about the “thou” forms in this one, I sacrificed dialect for the convenience of my readers and took ‘em all out. And the #$!! artifacts that screwed up the first version (last time I’ll trust anybody to edit my work…).

And YES, I still get paid at that rate; it’s only pixels, not paper, warehousing, shipping, or invoicing costs.  So if you want to see Hans and Uwe — and Stinz — in their original, evolving form, and how they became what they are now, go get a nice download.